Locum tenens: supply preachers and teachers

The locum tenens temporary preachers program is designed for churches who need supply preachers and teachers throughout the year. The program is rich with active preaching and Bible study, promoting the cycle of sharing God’s Word in order to grow faithful disciples of Christ who will in turn share the gospel.

The Sharing a Deeper Faith program

This program is designed to help your congregation towards maturity in Christ. A range of activities built around Bible studies and solid Bible-based preaching guides the congregation towards a closer walk with Jesus.

This church-wide program consists of sermons from a selected series of Bible passages and the exegesis of the same Bible passage during the week with adult and youth groups. More than just a guided Bible study, participants are equipped with the skills to engage and work with the text of the passage to extract the intended meaning. As a result, lay leaders and congregation develop a deep hunger for studying God’s word, enrich their own walk with Jesus, and are able to share a deeper faith with others.

The Sharing a Deeper Faith program provides experienced Artizo preachers and teachers. The program does not impose any additional work on Church ministers and staff – and can be a good reason to take a well-earned break!

The program is ideal for the summer months but can also be run at any time. There are three set topics from which to choose.

Topic Selection

Genesis – beginning of salvation
This topic is an exciting discovery of Christ in the Old Testament. More than the dramatic creation of the world, in Genesis 3 we see the beginning of salvation. God’s great plan begins to unfold when God calls Abraham to “Go!”, leaving his country, his family and his possessions, and to trust God to make him the father of many nations. The repeating pattern of mankind’s rebellion against God is always followed by God’s grace to every nation.

Luke – the great reversal
Luke paints a colourful picture of salvation, with themes of reversal, release, repentence, feasting, and obedience throughout the text. This carefully investigated and organized account of the life and preaching of Jesus maps out what it means to follow Jesus and become His disciple. The fulfillment of God’s plan of salvation couldn’t be more clear with intertextual mirroring from key Old Testament books.

Mark – the big Bible picture
This in-depth study takes the Gospel of Mark to a new level. The life of Jesus is examined in the context of various Old Testament prophesies and symbols. Concepts and themes include the Kingdom of God and its mysteries, the conquoring king, the sovereignty of God and the suffering king, the titles of Jesus, what it means to follow the king, the victory of Christ and the Messianic age.

Activities include

  • Program kick-off – Artizo program managers will meet with teachers and leaders of your church to explain the program and its objectives and pray together for God’s blessing.
  • Day One – Day One is the introductory session to the topic you have chosen for your church. Consisting of an intensive half-day overview, Day One provides  your congregation with the knowledge and tools they’ll need to get the most from the program.
  • Sunday sermon series – the sermon series parallels the Bible study, using the same passage for that week. Artizo preachers deliver instructional, expository sermons that are easy to understand, theologically sound and have direct application to the lives of your congregation. We recommend starting with Genesis. However, Artizo will work with you to select the most suitable topic for your church.
  • Adult Bible Study Series – each adult Bible study explores the same passage as the weekly sermon. This allows time for questioning, to understand it more deeply, and to acquire the skills to continue to study after the program is finished
  • Youth Program – the power of God’s Word cannot be underestimated. Today’s youth are hungry for information. They are ready to take on the exploration of the Bible at a deeper level. This program equips your youth with the skill to engage with each Bible passage in exciting ways.
  • The Bible Day – the Bible Day is a one-day complete overview of the Bible story. Everyone learnt the basics in Sunday School, but this session will reveal God’s plan in new ways that will both deepen your faith and enable you to share this wonderful story with new conviction
  • Artizo information night – a brief introduction to the Artizo Institute for all your congregation. Learn how you can help spread the gospel through participation in Artizo, either directly or through prayer and financial support.

Download the Summer Preachers datasheet