Stay connected

Artizo is supported by a faithful group of donors, in their giving, in their prayers, and in their interest in your pastoral journey. Graduating from Artizo doesn’t mean an end to this support. Artizo supporters remain interested in you and like to hear your news so that we can continue to pray appropriately. The first step is to make sure your profile is up to date in our database. Then, if you have significant news or requests, feel free to send an update. We’d love to hear from you. And if we have up-to-date information about where you are, perhaps we’ll see you in your church one Sunday!

Are you training?

If you have found Artizo a benefit in your development, then think how it might help others in your congregation who might be considering ministry. Artizo has a significantly renewed curriculum, more rigorous training practices, and a train-the-trainer program in three additional training churches in the Vancouver area. The past year has been a year of expansion, and we’re not finished yet! Contact us if you have potential Artizo candidates.

Celebrating connection

In the spirit of fellowship and nostalgia, Artizo hosted its first annual Alumni BBQ, a gathering that blended reminiscence with newfound connections. Generously hosted by Ben and Katherine Roberts, the event brought together graduates from across the years, reigniting bonds forged in shared passion and purpose.

Laughter and conversations filled the air as alumni reconnected over beer, pizza and charcuterie. The event was not merely a celebration of the past but a recognition of the enduring bonds developed within our program. Through warm conversations and shared memories, attendees shared community with others who pursued the same calling, and shared the same dreams.

With hearts full and spirits lifted, we look forward to future gatherings that continue to celebrate the bonds that unite us as alumni.