Artizo Residency: Seeding Growth in the Canadian Church

There are many ideas about what church growth means, what it looks like, and how to achieve it. But the Bible is clear that God gives growth to his church where the word of God is seeded in the hearts and minds of people. When the word of God is faithfully read, taught, preached, meditated upon, and comprehensively passed on to others, the church thrives. When it is not, the church withers.

Artizo is committed to church growth. For over 20 years and more than 100 graduates, Artizo has built a strong foundation; apprentices are being well trained and sent into ministry in many places. We must do more, though, to ensure graduates can exercise their gifts and competencies honed at Artizo. Because the longer we can nurture and support graduates from Artizo, the more viable and stronger their ministries will be, and the more the church will thrive in Canada, and beyond. This is the reason for the Artizo Residency Program.

What is Residency?

The Artizo Residency Program grows out of the same vision and goals as the Artizo Apprenticeship: to equip ministers to faithfully teach and preach God’s word and entrust it to others.

But although the need for the gospel is greater than ever, there are generally not enough positions available for Artizo graduates. To address this shortage, the Artizo Institute, through the Residency Program, will provide funding to help existing churches or new church plants hire qualified graduates, providing them with employment, ministry experience, and additional mentorship. Artizo Residents will continue to be supervised by qualified leaders, who will help them develop in gospel conviction, character, and competence.

Funding for up to CDN$15,000 per year for two years is now available for qualified Artizo graduates (of any year) in qualified Canadian churches. It is envisioned that this funding, along with matching funding from the training church, will help support a successful candidate for at least a half-time ministry position.


Artizo ‘Residency’ calls to mind the medical overtones of the Greek word upon which “Artizo” is based. It means ‘equip’, strengthen, or mend. Each of the three Residency streams are based in a local congregation or church plant, which is a superb opportunity for real-world training and refinement that builds on the Artizo Apprenticeship. As with medical doctors, ’Residency’ implies that the ‘Resident’ has already attained a measure of competency.

Curacy Stream

An ‘internship’ for trained candidates who have been ordained as a transitional Deacon

Church Planting Stream

Supporting candidates to plant or help plant a new congregation.

Lay Ministry Stream

Encouraging ministry involving teaching and preaching the Word of God in a local congregation but not in an ordained capacity.

The Fruit of Artizo Residency

There are multiple advantages to an Artizo Residency for the approved Artizo graduate (Resident), for the local congregation, and for Christ’s church in Canada.

For a qualified Artizo graduate, a Residency offers paid ministry experience in a setting where mentorship and real-time training will continue. We want graduates to be resilient, even as they are dependent upon God’s grace and strength in the midst of suffering. Ongoing mentorship is at the heart of this: learning from experienced and godly ministers in context. Residents launch out into church situations where they have support and encouragement. It is hoped that part-time residencies may transform into full-time permanent positions, as churches recognize the value and contribution of well-trained ministers of the word.

For a local congregation supporting a Resident, it’s not enough just to be a ‘gospel church’; we must also become a ‘training church.’ We must entrust the gospel to the next generation, or there is no future for the church. Churches do not exist for themselves; in obedience to the mandate of 2 Timothy 2:2, churches become training churches because they have seen beyond the present moment and seek, with the help of the Resident, to be a place where disciples make disciples who can disciple others.

For Christ’s church in Canada, most recognize that there is a famine of the word of God in our land. We believe that the Artizo Residency Program will, under God, cultivate a gospel culture coupled with a training culture in service to the Lord Jesus Christ. Artizo is already being used by God to strengthen many congregations across the country, especially in the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC), and we believe the Residency Program will be a primary pathway for healthy church growth in ANiC and beyond.


Grow Your Church

If you are the leader of an existing congregation, and want them to grow (who doesn’t?) then the Artizo Residency program is for you. Consider applying to support an Artizo graduate who is thirsty to serve Christ and his church.

Church Planting

If you are involved in a church plant, you will need well-trained, godly, and gifted men and women who will add vitality, along with financial support for ministry staff. Contact Artizo to find out how a Resident could contribute to the vision God has given you.

Artizo Graduate

If you are an Artizo graduate (we know who the 100+ of you are!), pray about how this could be another opportunity for continuity with your Apprenticeship experience, in a paid (and probably a new) ministry.


If you are a donor, we thank you as we begin this program of deeper engagement with spreading His gospel! We invite you to continue to contribute to Artizo, and even to consider giving a one-time special gift so that we can fund more Residencies. Donate

Next Steps: The Residency qualifications and application package consists of a check list and four forms. Download the zipped package or contact Rev. Ben Roberts, Artizo Director of Training.