Artizo provides an intensive hands-on 2-year apprenticeship

The curriculum meshes 8 training goals adapted from the Ministry Training Strategy with 3 C’s: Conviction, Character and Competence.


1. Be students of the Bible Apprentices should develop commitment to the Bible, respecting it as the revealed and reliable Word of God, as well as cultivating the desire and the skills to read and apply it. 2. Think theologically Apprentices should have a sound understanding of the gospel, and grow in their ability to reflect theologically and critically about Christian ministry.


3. Be devoted to prayer and holiness Apprentices should strive to live out a mature Christian life characterised by a love for and trust in God. Their reliance on his power should be expressed through prayer. Apprentices should demonstrate a commitment to personal integrity, especially in the areas of faithfulness, truthfulness, purity and self-control. 4. Be servants of others Apprentices should cultivate a humble, self-giving attitude towards others. Apprentices should exercise sober judgement and pastoral sensitivity, and grow in their listening abilities and skills in building rapport and trust. They should be teachable and open to feedback. 5. Evangelize boldly Apprentices should engage in proclaiming the gospel while firmly relying on the Holy Spirit. Apprentices should have a heart for the lost, sympathy for the background of their hearers (individuals and groups), and a commitment to world evangelism.


6. Preach the Word Apprentices should work at building mature Christians by teaching and preaching the Bible one-to- one, in small groups and in public settings to children, youth and adults. Preaching the Word drives gospel ministry and should become a priority. 7. Train others to minister Apprentices should proactively identify people’s gifts and potential. Equipping people through the Word of God for godly living, instilling in them the vision to reach the world with the gospel, and encouraging them to develop skills to minister to others. 8. Become leaders, innovators and strategists Apprentices should work at motivating, inspiring and organising people to work together in teams. Apprentices need to set a clear vision, and think and act strategically, even initiating new ministries to break into uncharted terrain to advance the gospel.


Apprentices progress in the 8 strands by meeting weekly as a cohort to peer-review each others expositions, discuss curated readings, receive teaching on ministry topics by their trainers, and for regular prayer. Guest speakers (such as local pastors or professors) rotate in a few times a year to workshop us on particular topics or specialties. Apprentices also meet regularly for one-on-one’s with a Trainer, who coordinates their ministry placements and provides feedback, and with a Mentor, who listens, prays, and cares for them spiritually. A big part of the success of the Artizo apprenticeship is placement in a church where training is embraced. Apprentices learn-by-doing through actual ministry opportunities at the training church working with pastors and leaders who share real Gospel ministries with the apprentices, and then provide regular, constructive feedback.

Artizo has helped me see that doing ministry in Jesus’ name and for Jesus’ sake means doing ministry with others and training them to do ministry with you.

Jesus equipped others to share in his ministry to people. devoting significant resources and time into training people will be an important part of any ministry I do in the future.”

Jordan Senner, Artizo Alumnus

Artizo training is more necessary now than ever

I have had many chances to learn to teach God’s Word. Preaching at the 7:30 am service here at St John’s Vancouver, and at the Church of the Good Shepherd, co-leading a Women@10 Bible Study, and being a part of a Christmas mission with St. John’s Richmond are just a few of the things I have been able to participate in. God’s Word has the power to change lives, as it points us to Jesus, who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life…and the ONLY Way to The Father. How our city…our country… our world needs to hear this!”

Lynn Unger, Artizo Alumnus

ARTIZO RESIDENCY: Seeding Growth in the Canadian Church

The Artizo Residency Program grows out of the same vision and goals as the Artizo Apprenticeship: to equip ministers to faithfully teach and preach God’s word and entrust it to others. This program provides funding to help existing churches or new church plants hire qualified graduates, providing them with employment, ministry experience, and additional mentorship.


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