I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I moved to Vancouver with my wife Jourdan in July 2019 to begin a Master of Theological Studies at Regent College and to work in the children’s ministry at St. John’s Vancouver. Jourdan and I have two young children – a son Asher and a daughter Micah – so a lot of my free time is spent playing at the park or taking them on adventures. I enjoy good coffee and food, especially when accompanied by an interesting book or conversation. I am also an avid basketball fan. So, if you ever want to discuss anything related to J.R.R. Tolkien or the upcoming NBA season I’d love to chat.

I was initially interested in Artizo because I wanted to be prepared for pastoral ministry by growing and learning in a structured community where I could receive teaching and feedback from experienced ministers and ministry leaders. So far, Artizo has provided exactly what I was looking for.

In my first year as an apprentice, I was given opportunities to preach and teach while being challenged and encouraged by my peers and Artizo trainers to better understand God’s Word and communicate it more clearly and winsomely to God’s people. The training that Artizo gives is invaluable and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue this year. The community within Artizo has also been a real blessing for me. I enjoy all the time spent with the other apprentices and have matured in Christ because of their friendship and ongoing influence.

Will Gray


I am a second-year apprentice. Artizo has helped me with many aspects of ministry, especially sermon prep and delivery. I especially enjoy the comradery of Artizo. I am currently a joint curate – sharing time between St. Peter’s Fireside and St. Timothy’s North Vancouver – and an ordained deacon in ANiC. I also moonlight as a philosophy professor at Corpus Christi College. I’m originally from California and Ohio (with a stint in Boston), and expecting Canadian Citizenship in early 2023. My hobbies include: reading (philosophy, theology and poetry), watching sports (especially NBA and NFL), current events, riding my bike and spending time with people (and my fluffy Persian cat, Rupert).

Will Gray


“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” (Prov 16.9, ESV). Little did I know when Christie and I moved our family to Vancouver last year so that I could study theology at Regent College that I would find myself participating in Artizo. First, I was introduced to the people of Artizo and thought – “I’d like to spend more time around these folks.” Then, I looked at the Artizo materials and thought – “They have really thought this through.” After 14 years working at a small Christian university near Buffalo, NY, I joined the “great resignation.” We sold our house and drove west with our two boys, a dog, a cat and whatever else would fit inside (and strap to) our minivan. I could not have imagined a more fitting experience to both discern the next steps God is calling us towards and to be equipped to contribute to God’s work than Artizo. Through this experience, I seek to align my heart with my steps to discern a pastoral call and to be equipped to help people expand their imaginations of what “Jesus is Lord” means to all of their life and all of the world.


My name is Fiona, I am from Hong Kong. I came to Vancouver to study at regent college in the fall of 2020. Growing up in a Christian family, my brother and I received our early education in a Christian kindergarten and middle school in Hong Kong. My major is Traditional Chinese Medicine focusing on Herbal study. I researched in related areas for three years after I graduated from the university. Prior to this, I went on several mission trips, to China, Cambodia, and Athens, which influenced me a lot concerning the understanding of the gospel and ministries. I used to participate in children, teens, and young-adults ministries. I am currently studying theology. I enjoy sketching, playing sports, and visiting different cafés with friends.

Artizo gathers devoted and missional Christians from different cultural backgrounds that could come together and witness each other’s callings from God. With various denomination backgrounds, our shapes of faith vary. This leads to a vigorous collision that drives me to think deeper about the core of faith, in another words, mere Christianity. Over the past year, I have been trained to preach and contribute to catechism, and children’s and women’s ministry. This is a great blessing to me. I had the opportunity to preach in different congregations. To prepare for each sermon, we shared our exegesis and outlines between apprentices and mentors. From the structured feedback we received, hands-on training, and observing the sermons of other apprentices, I learned how to teach scriptures effectively and faithfully. Besides, leading in the Bible camp, the Pilgrim’s Process, with Children, teens, and adults this summer was another highlight. From it, I have witnessed how the Gospel can be equally influential among people of all ages and how it can be shared between generations. This has shaped my vision for the future of ministry.

To all Artizo supporters, I want to thank you for imitating Christ and extending your grace to me. Thanks to generosity like yours, the training program was made possible and sent us out to share the good news in an honest and effective way. This inspires me to pass on God’s love to others.


I was attracted to Artizo for many reasons; I had a hunger to learn God’s word, I desired practical ministry experiences, and because I am considering full-time vocational ministry. Due to what I learned from previous interns, I knew that this apprenticeship program would be one of the best ways to discern if preaching and teaching scripture was something that God is calling me towards.

Though my experience as an Artizo intern began only last month, I have already had several opportunities to explore pastoral ministry. I have been able to help with youth during Sunday services and Friday night youth, I have learned from many of the St. John’s leaders and other interns during our weekly Artizo meetings, and I have even had the opportunity to go to a men’s pastoral conference to be further equipped to exegetically preach and teach the bible. Needless to say, this last month has been a rich one!

My family (Caroline and two sons, with a baby on the way), moved to Vancouver from South Carolina to pursue theological studies at Regent College. Before moving to Vancouver, I worked in residence life and spiritual life for a local Christian university and I also worked at a running store. As a family we love spending time with neighbors, friends and family over a cup of tea or coffee, or tackling a local adventure in the greater Vancouver area. In my free time I enjoy running, playing chess, skiing, and hiking.


My name is Jacob Vandiver and I moved to Vancouver with my family around 18 months ago. My wife, Courtney, and I along with our two sons, Sam (12) and Noah (3), came to Vancouver to begin studying at Regent College in the summer of 2021. We moved here from Tennessee, where Courtney and I grew up, and where we had a wonderful community. Over the last 13 years I’ve worked in social services and in business, and my wife taught ballet at a local dance studio in Jackson, TN. We were dedicated members of our church in Jackson and I served as a deacon and elder for a number of years before we decided to seek seminary education and pursue vocational ministry.

In our free time, we like to explore parks around Vancouver with Noah, Sam likes to practice parkour all over the city, and Courtney and I love to get French cuisine at local Vancouver diner Au Comptoir. Courtney is in a conservatory program with a local Vancouver improv theatre where she is exploring a future in acting. I’m a musician and I love to play live music when I have time

I was attracted to Artizo because of some very high recommendations from trusted friends and professors who knew about my desire to prepare for vocational ministry. I have especially felt a calling to the ministry of preaching and wanted to be part of a program that could provide training and help build a foundation for a life of ministry. After being a part of Artizo for just a few weeks, I’m more excited than ever to be working with these faithful and thoughtful ministers in the context of a real, living congregation at St. John’s Vancouver. I’m grateful to be in Artizo as we journey through this crucial season in the life of our family, and as we prepare for whatever future God may have in store for us. Blessings and thank you for making it possible!


It was wonderful to see so many of you in person at our Artizo ‘Meet the Interns’ evening earlier this month. If you were there you will know what a truly remarkable cohort of godly, enthusiastic and talented interns we have.