My name is Fiona Lee. I was born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong. My major is Traditional Chinese Medicine focusing on Herbal study. I researched in related areas for three years after I graduated from the university. Prior to this, I went on several mission trips, to China, Cambodia and Athens, which influenced me a lot concerning the understanding of the gospel and ministries. In my home church, I used to participate in children, teens and young-adults ministries. I am currently studying theology in Regent College. I love reading, baking and café-hopping in different cities.

I am excited to learn and work together with fellow apprentices. Artizo offers not only a well established training program but also provides a platform where devoted Christians from different areas could come together and witness each others’ callings from God. Moreover, Artizo’s emphasis on learning expositional preaching through coaching and practising, which is unique from other internship programs, is the main reason that I am interested in Artizo.

I have been hosting different Bible study groups for various ages. Witnessing the spiritual growth, devotion in Christ and increase in understanding of the scripture always encourages me. This year, I am looking forward to learning more about how to preach the scripture effectively and faithfully. I am also excited to learn more about the tradition of the St. John’s family and to communicate the gospel inter-culturally.

Fiona Lee



I’m from Dallas, TX, and relocated to Vancouver with my wife (Sarah) and daughter (Riley) to pursue a Master of Theological Studies at Regent College for the purpose of becoming a pastor. Outside of Artizo and studies, Sarah and I both enjoy working for the Regent Bookstore (trying our best to not spend all of our paychecks on the books!). In our free time, we love watching movies together, taking Riley on dates for ice cream or donuts, or going on walks at the University Endowment Lands and Pacific Spirit Park.

I chose Artizo in particular due to the highly structured and formative aspects of the program, with the opportunity to glean from the wider leadership at St. John’s Vancouver. Whereas some internships are more administrative or focusing on one ministry of a church, I love the opportunity to engage across the entire church body, while getting extensive training in Bible study and preaching throughout.

This year I looks forward to helping with the men’s ministry at St. John’s. While I’ve been involved in men’s ministries before, the opportunity to engage as an apprentice and practice leading a group is particularly exciting. I also look forward to helping in the Pastoral Care ministry, which includes leading the Marriage Course, and assisting with pastoral visits to the congregation. Pastoral care is dear to my heart, and it’s something I look forward to growing more in as I prepare to be a pastor.

Josh Drury



Richard was born in Ohio and raised in California. He has three degrees in philosophy, including a PhD from UBC (2020). Outside of Artizo, Richard serves at St. Peter’s Fireside and teaches philosophy at Corpus Christi College, both in Vancouver. He is married to Samantha, an artist and digital designer.

Richard applied to Artizo for preaching development, collaboration and rounding out areas of ministry in which he has little or no experience.

Richard is especially excited about helping run the evening service. Love of liturgy is a key faith dynamic in his life. He is also excited about using his experience as a teacher to lead catechism. Finally, Richard is excited about helping out the kid’s ministry, one of the few church ministries he has no experience in.

Richard Sandlin



I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and moved to Vancouver with my wife Jourdan in July 2019 to begin a Master of Divinity at Regent College and to work in the children’s ministry at St. John’s Vancouver. Jourdan and I have two young children – our son Asher and our daughter Micah, so a lot of our free time is spent playing with them and taking them on lots of adventures in the beautiful BC outdoors. We also enjoy good coffee and food, especially when accompanied by a good book or conversation!

I was interested in Artizo because I feel called to pastoral ministry and want to learn and grow under the guidance and mentorship of experienced pastors and ministry leaders. Three specific characteristics of Artizo are important to me: (1) the necessity of rightly handling scripture in all facets of ministry life, (2) the opportunity for active ministry involvement, and (3) the opportunity to receive wise, structured, and consistent feedback.

I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to preach and teach more regularly. It is both a tremendous responsibility and joy to open up the scriptures in the community of God’s people and to proclaim the message that he has so graciously given to us for our salvation, life, and growth in Christ. I pray that Artizo will equip me to do that more faithfully and effectively. I am also looking forward to gaining more experience in pastoral care as the care of God’s people and the ministry of the word are both inseparably linked in Christian ministry.

Will Gray