Meet the New Artizo Apprentices

MEET THE 2020 NEW APPRENTICES VIVIAN LEE Hello there! My name is Vivian Lee. I was born and raised on the Prairies in Calgary, Alberta. I love reading, painting, and marvelling at mountains – especially the ones you can hike up! 🙂 Over a year ago, I left my job as a lawyer, moved to […]

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Evangelism in Japan – Andrew Buchanan

MINISTRY IN JAPAN Insight from Andrew Buchanan, Artizo Graduate There is great potential for the Gospel to take root in Japan, even as there are also great obstacles. The Japanese are a refined society with a strong national identity. Being a collectivist culture, it is difficult to step out of line. While the Japanese will […]

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Artizo Adapts

ARTIZO ADAPTS With the pandemic changing seemingly every aspect of our lives as we search for a “new normal”, how is Artizo affected? We asked four Artizo interns how their ministry has changed over the past year, what gains or losses there have been as a result of changes in ministry formats, and how this […]

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Ben Robert’s Updates

In our training, we continue to train for growth in conviction, character, and competency. Over the last month, the competency we’ve focused on is our apprentices’ rhetorical skills. Practically, this means giving them weekly communication challenges to do in front of our group, speaking both with prepared materials and off-the-cuff. It may sound silly to […]

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If a church is not a training church, it is a dying church

The Training Church

IF A CHURCH IS NOT A TRAINING CHURCH, IT IS A DYING CHURCH. IF WE DO NOT EMPOWER THE NEXT GENERATION TO CONTINUE IN GOSPEL MINISTRY, THEN THE MESSAGE DIES WITH US. An Artizo apprentice receives training and mentorship from Artizo Trainers as well as from the rector of the training church. In this article, […]

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Teaching Preaching

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One of the key things Artizo strives to do is to help young men and women develop their ability to teach the Bible so they will grow as ministers of the Word of God. Training in teaching the Word happens in many contexts for interns; from teaching kids in Sunday school to working with a […]

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